Copy of About the 3 themes


At the Shore: pilgrimage and right of passage

- 4 panel folding screen

62 x 120 inches when folded

Snapshots theme


detail from How It’s Done, In a Nutshell : current mode of reality and online dating

Transitions theme


Stop The Madness! : vignettes from the world stage of terrorism

96 x 74 inches

Impact - issues Big and small theme

1 ) Snapshots

Paintings from the Snapshot series are fleeting encapsulations of people gathered together for various reasons.  While they all are based on collages and studies pieced together, they suggest a single moment in time, captured like a snapshot. There’s an undercurrent of sub story elements, with interpersonal exchanges and situations hinting at the psychology of human interactions in the compositions.  Neighbors pass one another during a weekend in Saturday Morning: in the neighborhood,  twenty-somethings engage in conversation in The Geek Squad: catching up, a cross section of beach lovers seek relief from the heat of summer in At The Shore: pilgrimage and right of passage, and a blend of aficionados enjoy a community event in Entertainment and Amusement : summer fare, county fair


2 ) Transitions

The Transitions themed work presents people in a time and place, juxtaposed with changes amongst them that occur in a different time.  What was and what’s become.  Life And The Progression Of Human Bonds, highlights the maternal bond of a mother and new daughter in one portion of the piece - combined with a segment highlighting the daughter's compassion and sorrow in the passing of her mother many years later. Midsummer Trilogy represents two simultaneous anticipatory gatherings - one of several girl friends primping and chatting, the other of male friends casually relaxing and enjoying refreshments, and finally, center stage, a melding of the highlighted parties from both groups into respective pairings. Online dating in a search for companionship and happiness gone awry is the gist of the How It’s Done,  In A Nutshell.   These are examples of situations and respective evolutions - Transitions -  which occur in contemporary society.


3 ) Impact - issues Big and small

The Impact pieces deal with events and situations affecting the world, some interludes of great significance, others less so.  Stop The Madness is a large piece that highlights terrorism using a scattered mélange of vignettes representing disastrous episodes taking place in global cultures. Hurricane: Sandy aftermath is a triptych, which presents the aftermath of hurricane Sandy’s destruction along a segment of the east coast shoreline in New Jersey, perhaps the hardest hit portion of the storm.  Cultural movements that instigate, press and instill changes in society, such as Making It Count, depicting a gathering of important leaders in the Women’s Liberation movement, and Hands Across The Sand is a representation of a peaceful protest effort created across the country when people gather together joining hands indicating offense about ocean drilling and oil spill accidents.  These are examples of Impact themes that find their way into the artist's mode of expression.