Copy of Transitions

The Transitions theme presents people in a time and place, juxtaposed with changes amongst them that occur at a different time. What was and what’s become. The painting Life And The Progression Of Human Bonds, highlights the maternal bond of a mother and new daughter in one portion of the piece - combined with a segment featuring the daughter's compassion and sorrow in the passing of her mother many years later. Midsummer Trilogy presents two simultaneous gatherings - one of several girl friends primping and chatting, the other of male friends casually relaxing and enjoying refreshments- with, finally, center stage, a melding of the highlighted parties from both groups into respective pairings. Online dating in a search for companionship and happiness gone awry is the gist of the How It’s Done, In A Nutshell. These are examples of situations and respective evolutions - Transitions - which occur in our world.

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